The Man! The Myth! The Legend!

Family Fishing is the lifelong dream of Stuart McQuain. The retired railroader and construction company owner did not start Family Fishing to be hip. He was inspired by hearing the squeal only an 8 year-old with a freshly caught blue gill in his hand can produce. 

He always said that “If kids could vote I’d be president.”  He loved children and they loved him. As a result of this love, children always fish free at Family Fishing and Camping and will continue to do so as a legacy of his love for children.  

Heavy work began in 1999 just before retiring from his construction company that he owned and operated for twenty years. Family Fishing and Camping officially opened in 2000 accepting reservations for year round sites.  

Stuart and his wife Barbara had three children, Rodney, Crystal and Melinda. Barbara died in December of 2004, seven months after their 50th anniversary.  Stuart continued to build Family Fishing by completing a bait shop, adding two one bedroom cabins, fishing camp, a bath house and 82 yearly sites. 

Stuart died in August 2008 after a hard fought battle with cancer. He is survived by his three children and their families. Family Fishing is now owned and operated by his daughter Crystal McQuain Morris, her husband Ralph, their three children and four grandchildren.  

Family Fishing is still and always will be family owned and operated. It is a place where families can come to fish and camp in a clean, safe environment.